This blog is an ongoing personal narrative of my food and wine experiences along with my reflections about the ways in which what we eat and drink affect, and are affected by, history and culture. There are no sponsored posts on this site, and no money has changed hands in return for mention in my posts.

Restaurant Reviews

When I “review” a restaurant in one of my posts, I have paid for any food or meal. In any cases where I have attended an event at which food or a meal was complimentary, I mention in my post that I was an invited guest. Opinions expressed in my posts are not influenced by anything other than my own experiences and impressions.

My restaurant reviews are meant to be informational, entertaining and helpful to readers in searching out good dining experiences. Because of this, it is rare that I post negative reviews, instead focusing on passing along what I have found interesting, exceptional and useful to readers.

Though I do update posts, I do not monitor changes in restaurant locations, hours or menus. When at all possible, I do provide phone numbers, and always advise calling ahead to get the most up-to-date information.



From time-to-time, I share recipes of my own or those of the good cooks and chefs that I know. All sources are attributed. Unless otherwise noted, all recipes have been field tested in my own kitchen.


Products Featured

Occasionally, I feature products and foods that I believe are worthwhile and that I use myself. All posts are my honest, personal opinion, and I only highlight products or foods that pertain to the focus of the blog and that I believe will prove useful, satisfying and interesting to readers.






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