Age-Worthy Wines Need TLC, but Baby, They’re Worth the Wait

Today, it’s not true that all wines improve with extended aging. In fact, most wines commonly available to consumers are best enjoyed within approximately 3-6 years of the vintage date. If you’re putting down a bottle for longer than that, make sure it’s worth the effort.

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Don’t Be a Stopper Snob

Sometimes it’s helpful to question accepted “knowledge”—those tenacious bits of information that are taken as gospel because they’ve floated around in the ether for so long they must be true: You’ll catch a cold from walking in the rain…If you swim too soon after a big meal, you could drown…Elvis faked his own death and […]

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Via Emilia in The Woodlands

Do we throw around an expression like “gracious service” these days? And is there a scarcity of places that provide it? In an age when some of the best upscale dining seems to require the symbols of self-consciously “unselfconscious” informality (sleeve tattoos, chef-owners in ball caps, exposed bricks and beams, communal tables, menus full of […]

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