A Kitchen Garden for Fall and Winter


We’ve finally cracked the heat barrier here in Houston, and though summer does not go down without a good fight in this part of Texas, October is the month that our weather makes the transformation from Guam-like heat and humidity to some amazingly beautiful, “California coastal” temperate days. Now that our evenings are a tad cooler (i.e., no longer in the 80’s), I’ve started gathering the makings for a fall kitchen garden.

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Sometimes it feels like dinner is stuck in a rut. The flavors in my old favorite dishes begin to seem flabby and need some amping up. That’s when I start poring over the posts on my favorite food blogs and (much to the chagrin of the unsuspecting passengers in my car) making unscheduled detours to the nearest new specialty grocer, just looking for a few things to add a little vim and vigor to our family meals. Here are some of my newest finds.


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