Friday Night Maque Choux

Mild days and cool nights. Our hybrid summer/fall weather this month has been glorious. So on a crisp Friday night, what better way to enjoy the last of the Texas summer sweet corn than with a transitional dish that showcases the freshness of local corn—an easy shrimp maque choux stew. This is a heartier, richer variation of the traditional skillet corn that is a common side dish in Louisiana and other parts of the south. The name maque choux may be of French origin, or Native American, or both, depending on who you talk to. And actually, our family made plenty of skillet-cooked fresh corn when I was growing up in Louisiana, but we didn’t call it anything at all. Except delicious.

This is an adaptation of that simple corn dish that many of us grew up eating. I’ve added seafood stock and small shrimp so that it can be enjoyed as a main dish with a leafy green salad. It makes a big batch of stew, but you can easily halve the recipe to serve around 6 people.


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Summer Salads, Creole Style, Courtesy of Chef Johnny Schulze


The summer doldrums of late July have hit–I can’t stand the heat, and I want to get out of the kitchen! You would think with the extra hours of daylight in the evenings, I would be inspired to dive into some of those really involved recipes that are waiting for me in my recipe file. (No, I still have not switched over to the “cloud.”) Maybe it’s because the kids don’t have a set schedule, or maybe it’s just the heat and humidity working on me. But like a lot of people, I turn to lighter, faster, simpler fare–grilled meats, grilled fish and fun, creative salads.

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