Delicious Detours

Delicious Detours: You Want to Eat at Guy’s

You do want to eat lunch at Guy’s Oyster Bar in downtown Amite, Louisiana.

When you are heading north on I-55 from around Hammond, Louisiana, not long before you reach the Mississippi border, look for the Amite exit. Yes, Guy’s is a bar, and it’s a little dark in there, and there are die-hard patrons perched on the stools who may give you a little glance upon entering. Yes, there is lots of kitschy memorabilia and there are a few politically pointed signs and posters.


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Delicious Detours: Destination Boudin


Traveling the dreaded I-10, from Baton Rouge to Houston, my family knows what to expect: like forcing an elephant through a drinking straw, it often seems the entirety of the Gulf Coastal U.S. is trying to get over the Mississippi River Bridge at the same time as I am. This is the usual state of things. (I am hoping against hope for a lane addition or the construction of a second bridge before I am too old to drive anymore.)

What we didn’t bargain for this time around was an overturned tanker truck in the pre-dawn hours of the the foggy, drizzly morning, happening at a crucial point near the foot of the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge and blocking our route home. The closure and cleanup had been underway for going on 4 hours when I decided that we couldn’t just hang around eating fast food chicken biscuits on the east side of the river forever, so we made the long slog across the bridge to the other side of the Mississippi and took the official detour that had been set up to get around the accident, Highway190 West.

In a way, this was fine, since it’s always fun to see what I’m missing on my regular route. But it did take us out of our way. We drove through Krotz Springs and then Opelousas, heading south to Lafayette and back to Interstate 10, where I could have picked back up with my usual route and hightailed it for the Texas border. But I had to stick to my original plan, the one I had made before we even left Houston, which involved heading south from Lafayette to the unincorporated community of Broussard. There’s a little Shell station on East Main Street, and in the back of the convenience store is a meat market that makes some of the best boudin anywhere.

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Delicious Detours: Giving Thanks at New Zion Missionary Baptist Church BBQ

My dad came to visit from Louisiana a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Sort of an early holiday visit, since John and I had decided to take a vacation with the kids during Thanksgiving week. This time, my dad wanted to get out of the house and “see the sights.” When he told me this, my mind started clicking in about a dozen different directions. A lot of strategic planning is involved in showing my dad “the sights.” I figure it has to be something not too far from the house, something that is quintessential Texas, and, preferably for both of us, someplace where good eats are fairly close at hand. Why not Huntsville?

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Delicious Detours: Getting Our Fill of Old School, Cooked Down Goodness at Glenda’s Creole Kitchen


When you are preparing for a road trip, are you the kind of person who leaves the packing until the morning of, instead spending a week in advance weighing the strategic options for finding the quintessential food experience along your chosen route?  The place only the locals know about, the one at the epicenter of “IT,” “IT” being whatever type of regional cooking is the specialty of the area through which you will be driving?

Then you and I share the love of road food conquest! In my pursuit of the most authentic local eateries, I have dragged my husband and kids off the beaten interstate path to uncharted territory more times than they’d like to remember, sometimes adding 2-3 hours to our total drive time.

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