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A Visit to Hahn Winery and Our Pinot Noir Picks from the Santa Lucia Highlands & Beyond

A trip to the Monterey Peninsula would not be complete without an excursion to the nearby wine country of the Santa Lucia Highlands. I had done the research, but it wasn’t until we actually touched down in San Francisco that our group was able to come together and figure out which day was going to work with our schedule. So I was in baggage claim, propping up suitcases and golf clubs and coats and purses with one arm, when I made the call to David at Hahn Winery, hoping he could offer us a full-fledged tour that involved more than just a tasting. David did not disappoint.


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Hello, Gorgeous: California’s Monterey Peninsula is a Head-Turner Without Even Trying


If Monterey Peninsula were a woman, she’d be the one that all the others envy. The one who doesn’t give much thought to hair or clothes or makeup. For her, it all just comes together effortlessly, a unique kind of beautiful that you can’t get from poring over the fashion boards on Pinterest. Like the Kate Upton character in last year’s female revenge comedy, The Other Woman:

“You smell amazing! What is that?”

(Pause) “I think it’s just sweat.”

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Delicious Detours: Destination Boudin


Traveling the dreaded I-10, from Baton Rouge to Houston, my family knows what to expect: like forcing an elephant through a drinking straw, it often seems the entirety of the Gulf Coastal U.S. is trying to get over the Mississippi River Bridge at the same time as I am. This is the usual state of things. (I am hoping against hope for a lane addition or the construction of a second bridge before I am too old to drive anymore.)

What we didn’t bargain for this time around was an overturned tanker truck in the pre-dawn hours of the the foggy, drizzly morning, happening at a crucial point near the foot of the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge and blocking our route home. The closure and cleanup had been underway for going on 4 hours when I decided that we couldn’t just hang around eating fast food chicken biscuits on the east side of the river forever, so we made the long slog across the bridge to the other side of the Mississippi and took the official detour that had been set up to get around the accident, Highway190 West.

In a way, this was fine, since it’s always fun to see what I’m missing on my regular route. But it did take us out of our way. We drove through Krotz Springs and then Opelousas, heading south to Lafayette and back to Interstate 10, where I could have picked back up with my usual route and hightailed it for the Texas border. But I had to stick to my original plan, the one I had made before we even left Houston, which involved heading south from Lafayette to the unincorporated community of Broussard. There’s a little Shell station on East Main Street, and in the back of the convenience store is a meat market that makes some of the best boudin anywhere.

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