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Brisket is My Kryptonite


A question that is music to my ears: Would you like lean, fatty or burnt ends?

It’s not by choice that I love smoked brisket. Apparently I was born this way. Or maybe all that meaty smoke just overwhelmed my taste buds when I arrived here from Louisiana years ago.

Some of my favorite blog reading is focused around my obsession with brisket and Central Texas barbecue. These barbecue bloggers know their stuff, and they’re a great place to get advice about the best places to eat and why. Their blog names give you an idea of what their posts are like: Don O’s Texas BBQ, Texas BBQ Posse and, my favorite blog name ever, Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ. These are the true believers, the aficionados who were chewing the fat (literally) before the recent national fame of Franklin Barbecue in Austin made Central Texas smoked meats trendy to ponder. For years, these guys have put in the miles, taken the detailed photographs, broken down their experiences into spreadsheets and charts. Some of them write for a living, some of them are just dedicated, regular dudes. They all seem to spend the bulk of their spare time criss-crossing the state on their own time and dime, searching out the best Texas ‘cue.

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Night and Day in Austin, Texas

We make our way through the picturesque farm and ranch country of central Texas, headed for downtown Austin and then to the north shore of Lake Travis. It’s a spur of the moment road trip. An impulse to get out of town before the summer slips away, do a little wining and dining someplace fresh and different. We’ve come to the right place.

Downtown Austin and its surrounding neighborhoods are bursting with activity everywhere you look, yet somehow the city manages to rebuff the frenzied pace of its Texas siblings, Houston and Dallas. This is a pretty amazing feat considering that within a fairly small perimeter, you will find one of the largest universities in the country, the legislative bustle of the second largest state in the union, shopping that spans from resale to ritzy, historic homes, notable museums, extensive hike and bike trails, water recreation on Lady Bird Lake, a stellar live music scene, abundant nightlife, and, most importantly, scores of creative and fun places to eat. If you pick the right lodging, there’s lots to do, all within a laid back stroll of your hotel.


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Banh Appetit! The French-Inspired Vietnamese Po-boy is Booming in Popularity



If you’re from Louisiana, you know the dead seriousness involved in finding the ultimate po-boy sandwich. People, including me, will travel far and wide to get what they like. (See our Delicious Detours post here.) You get the same feeling from those who love the French-influenced Vietnamese sandwich known popularly as the banh mi. Like the New Orleans poboy, the banh mi is a sandwich born in humble circumstances, designed for working people who needed something good, quick and inexpensive to eat.

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Cheese Spotting at the Local Farmers Market


We were up bright and early last Saturday to visit our local farmers market. The tables were piled high with colorful root veggies, leafy greens and bright tomatoes. But I was on a mission–in search of late summer artisanal cheese.

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